Below is a list of awards Stellaris has received. On one hand, I never know how thoroughly Stellaris is really reviewed before it is given an award. Some arrive quite soon after I release a new version, which suggests most download sites only take a quick look. On the other hand, it is always nice when an award comes in - it shows that the work I put into the software is worth something.

The awards in themselves are interesting. For example, many fail to mention the name of the product they are being assigned to. Only two awards so far actually name the product and the version, which is the only way that really makes sense. One award not only fails to mention the awarded product (let alone the version), it doesn't even state who is giving out the award.

Stellaris 1.00

Stellaris 1.10

Stellaris 1.40

Stellaris 1.50

Stellaris 1.60


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